4x4 Jeep Workshop

New Jeep owner learning how to use your new vehicle? Or an existing owner wanting to learn advanced off-roading skills? Join our 4x4 Jeep Workshop to learn everything you need to know about jeep off-roading. 

We offer individual one-on-one workshops tailored to your specific interests and learning goals, or group workshops with a more generalized curriculum and a question & answer session. We will conclude the workshop by putting your new skills to the test with an off-road convoy through the rough Jeep trails of the Tonto National Forest. We highly recommend that you bring your own Jeep, but if you are unable to then you can ride in the instructor's Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, pictured above. 

Location: We will meet at the Pinnacle Peak General Store located in North Scottsdale. From there we will convoy as a group to the trailhead of the Tonto National Forest. 

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Book online or call (480) 860-1777 to ask about current specials and booking discounts.

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The Jeep trails on the Tonto National Forest, pictured above, have steep slopes, rugged terrain, and narrow corridors best navigated by Jeeps. Our 4x4 Workshop will teach you how to safely tackle any terrain.


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Now you have your own Jeep, but do you know how to use it?  Discover the potential of your Jeep in our exciting, informative course.

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Our experienced instructors  will teach you everything you need to know about operating your Jeep in any terrain. 

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